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8 September 2021

CATOs Finally Make a Comeback

After Brexit stalled attempts to introduce competition into GB's onshore electricity networks, it looks like it's finally going to happen. Read more here >

24 September 2019

CATO is not dead

Rumours of the death of the CATO have been greatly exaggerated. New workshops with National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) will set out a potential model of early competition and how this would be implemented.

31 October 2017

Competition in electricity transmission after CATO

Ofgem shows that competition in electricity transmission is still high on their agenda after CATO and are looking at alternative ways of bringing in competition.

16 December 2016

Britain's first CATO on the cards

Ofgem have published a consultation on the North West Coast Connections project's suitability for competitive tendering.

7 December 2016

CATO clarity on criteria, conflicts and pre-tender obligations

This article summarises Ofgem's decision on its May 2016 consultation on criteria, pre-tender and conflict mitigation arrangements for competitively appointed transmission owners (CATOs) which we reported on previously.

13 June 2016

CATO consultations continue

Ofgem are continuing the consultation process on competitively appointed transmission operators (CATOs), following on from their October 2015 consultation which we reported on previously.

27 January 2016

Switching, settlement, smart meters and CATOs

DECC publishes new draft legislation to increase Ofgem's powers. On 21 January 2016, DECC published for pre-legislative scrutiny a document called Draft Legislation on Energy along with two Impact Assessments. It aims to give Ofgem the necessary powers ...

12 November 2015

Transmission Operators Look Out: CATO is coming! - 12 November 2015

Ofgem are consulting on the arrangements for introducing competitive tendering to onshore electricity transmission projects. Mention Cato and, depending on your age, you might think of Cato (the elder or the younger) the Roman Emperor, Cato the Hunger ...

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