12 March 2024
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Debugging the Risks: Technology & Outsourcing Risk Report 2024

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The key issues we're seeing in tech and outsourcing contract negotiations and disputes, and a glimpse into what lies ahead

  • Where should you focus your efforts when negotiating technology and outsourcing contracts?
  • What trends have our Technology & Outsourcing experts been seeing in relation to the most important negotiated terms and disputed issues?
  • What lies ahead for 2024/25?

Explore our report to find out more.

Handling hundreds of technology contracts and disputes each year gives us a unique perspective on the main issues to watch out for in tech and outsourcing contract negotiations and disputes. This brief report outlines the key trends and significant issues our specialist team has encountered while supporting clients over the past 12 months, and provides an insight into the trends we expect to unfold across the next 12 months and beyond.

While none of this should be taken as advice, we trust it provides compelling reading for the purposes of risk management, benchmarking and best practice. Please do get in touch if it raises questions you'd like to discuss further.

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