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9 July 2020

Covid-19 - Lessons learned so far and next steps for NHS infrastructure

AS THE FIRST WAVE OF THE PANDEMIC FADES, THIS ARTICLE CONSIDERS HOW THE NHS ADAPTED ITS PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE TO THE CIRCUMSTANCES. Over the past four months the NHS estate and physical infrastructure has undergone a radical overhaul in response...

M&A in Strange Times teaser

9 July 2020

Corporate M&A in Surreal Times

Transacting in the current environment is not for the faint hearted but there are clearly opportunities out there. If you are considering M&A in this surreal, topsy-turvy landscape, here are 8 key areas of risk to bear in mind.

9 July 2020

Retail & Consumer Bulletin: Covid-19 Updates

This week's R&C bulletin looks at how the re-opening of pubs in England worked, the local Covid-19 restrictions in Leicester, Data protection guidance for restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaways, and the chancellor's summer stimulus package.

8 July 2020

Chancellor's Summer Economic Update: a plan for jobs

The UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered his summer economic update to Parliament today (8 July 2020).

8 July 2020

Major success for AG Product Litigation team with indemnity costs award for GSK in long-running Seroxat litigation

Major success for AG Litigation team with indemnity costs award for GSK

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