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14 February 2020

Freeports in the UK

The Government has launched a consultation on establishing up to ten Freeports in the UK. They aim to announce the new zones by the end of 2020 so they can be open for business in 2021. Read on to find out more about Freeports in the UK...

13 February 2020

Coronavirus: Business Briefing

The economic impact of coronavirus (COVID 2019) is nevertheless slowly becoming more widespread and global businesses will be considering their options and how best to mitigate unforeseen supply chain and other issues including loss of business.

13 February 2020

Future of trusteeship and governance consultation: Pensions Regulator response

The Pensions Regulator has published its response to its "Future of trusteeship and governance" consultation. Despite a wide ranging consultation, no major changes have been proposed.

12 February 2020

The Pensions Regulator's "quicker, tougher" approach: how will it affect you?

After being criticised following the BHS insolvency for being slow to act, the Pensions Regulator announced its intention to become a quicker, tougher regulator. We take a look below at some of the ways in which we are seeing the Regulator put tha...

12 February 2020

Property encounters of the third kind: Cryptoassets are property

Bitcoin held to be a form of property capable of being the subject of proprietary injunctions.

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