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Healthcare - Video - Clip

3 December 2021

Video Insight: HealthBid

Tom Sheppard Managing Director of Healthbid shares his insight in to the current landscape of the health sector. He draws on past experience from working for both the NHS and private healthcare organisations >

Data - Privacy - Data Protection

3 December 2021

AG Data & Privacy News – 2 December 2021

Included in this edition of Data & Privacy News: Updated Surveillance Camera Code laid before Parliament, Twitter announces an expansion to its private information policy and more >

Energy - Water - Newsletter

2 December 2021

Energy And Water Need To Know - November 2021

Welcome to this month's Energy Water Update, keeping you up to date with the major developments you need to know >

Transport - Key Developments

1 December 2021

Key Transport Developments in November 2021

Here is your monthly round-up of the key transport developments in November 2021. Read more here >

Technology - Commercial - Digital

1 December 2021

Technol-AG – December 2021

In the December edition of Technol-AG, we cover a range of topics, including whether a new patent can be invented by artificial intelligence, and commenting on recent plans to enhance online consumer rights. Read more here >

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