7 February 2024
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Funds Trends Report - 2024 Edition

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Past Perspectives, Future Forecasts: What’s next for private funds terms & what does 2024 have in store for you?

Against the backdrop of a challenging year for fundraising, we once again track movement across key private funds terms. GPs and LPs have continued to focus on key areas such as GP removal, management fee rates and carry distribution models. And the wider market music has started to filter through into legal and commercial terms. We also look ahead to key focus areas for 2024 in funds finance, fund regulation and tax.

The trends identified in this report are a snapshot of the “market” and will continuously evolve and be up for discussion between investors, managers and advisers. By taking a methodological approach, we hope these trends will provide valuable insight and market intelligence, and equip you for those conversations.

We have also produced a Venture Capital Funds Trends Report this year, as a supplement to the main report. You can download a copy of both reports using the form below. 

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