Now available: Interactive M&A and Private Equity Trends Reports 2023

  • A turbulent 12-months for M&A exacerbated by slow economic growth, rapid inflation (notably in the UK), surging interest rates, lower share prices and rising energy costs
  • Businesses and investors are resetting their M&A strategies with an increasing focus on portfolio and balance sheet optimisation, acquisition of technology, recruiting and retaining talent/people and sustainability
  • Continued importance of ESG with ESG forming part of the default assessment of potential targets, growing concerns around greenwashing and increased scrutiny of targets' ESG credentials
  • Rolling v's crystallising gains? Uncertainty on tax rates and general expectations that CGT rates will rise
  • Strong competition on pricing between W&I insurers due to decreased deal flow
  • Reduced availability of debt with funds and banks tightening lending criteria, creating opportunities for buyers that can equity fund transactions.
  • Greater scrutiny from management on PE permitted transfers to continuation funds and portfolio companies

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