The Road to Net Zero

In this report, we considered just four of the many facets of change and focus that will be needed if we are to meet Scotland’s net zero targets: technology, investment, public policy and social change. We spoke to a wide range of experts with various perspectives on the transport sector and public sector supporting the road to net zero. We are thankful for their considered and insightful input.

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Key findings from the transport report include:
  • Interconnectivity between different modes of transport is critical.
  • There is still some hesitation among private companies to commit sufficient investment into the development of new technologies such as fuel sources at the scale and pace required.
  • Hindering this investment is a lack of clarity on specific infrastructure plans including questions such as the extent to which the railways can be electrified.
  • With concerted, coordinated and well-funded action now, net zero offers a huge economic development opportunity for Scotland
  • A review of taxation regimes across all modes of transport is required.
  • Environmental visas akin to Tier One Investor visas could be introduced to encourage international investment into businesses and technology that are working towards net zero.
  • Better cross-sector communication, data sharing and more data gathering is required to support business cases to invest.

Key Contacts

Paul Hirst

Paul Hirst

Partner, Global Infrastructure and Co-head of Transport
United Kingdom

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