25 August 2023
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Key changes to corporate criminal law risk in the UK, Germany and France

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Recent developments across the UK, France, and Germany herald major changes to white collar crime laws and so to the way corporates assess risk. France faces unresolved issues around legal privilege and internal investigation reports and the benefits of self-disclosure. The UK has introduced provisions to hold companies accountable for economic crimes by senior managers, while Germany has brought in new compliance measures and continues to consider corporate criminal liability. Companies should be proactive in adapting their policies, monitoring compliance, and seeking legal advice to navigate these evolving landscapes effectively.

The pace of change to white collar crime laws shows no sign of slowing. Those who oversee regulatory and compliance risk frameworks for their businesses can feel like the challenge is never ending. This analysis brings together some of the biggest changes currently facing corporates in the UK, France and Germany in the corporate crime space this year. Below, AG partners, David Père, Nichola Peters and Alex Schmid set out what the drivers are behind these changes and how corporates can prepare for them.  

What will change the way companies assess corporate crime risk in your market in the next half of 2023?
What drivers are behind these changes and how do they fit in with the overall trend?
How should companies be positioning themselves to overcome these challenges?

To the Point 

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