AG is a place where…

  • You have time and space to focus on where you want to get to in your career – what opportunities there are for you, your team and the Firm to progress. Regular, career 'check-in' conversations called The Best You Can Be help you keep on track, by focussing on short term actions which will help you move towards longer term ambitions.
  • You are yourself – unrestricted thinking is valued. Taking forward opportunities and imaginative thinking opens the door to creativity and innovation.
  • You are ambitious, collaborative & determined. Opening a door leads somewhere here. You take on high quality work, for high quality clients. It is stretching, but in our friendly environment, you get the right mix of challenge and support to help you achieve your best.
  • You and your team meet regularly for The Best We Can Be discussions, with the sole aim of figuring out how you can collectively operate at your best.
  • Your potential is fulfilled. You feel rewarded and recognised.

It all boils down to… IMAGINE THE BEST YOU CAN BE, we'll help you get there.

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