Blockchain & Digital Assets Lawyers

Demystifying the world of blockchain and digital assets for global businesses.

Our clients are navigating the world of blockchain and digital assets – we help them harness the potential, negotiate the risks and demystify the technology. Empowering companies to transform business, increase efficiency and seize opportunities.

In the last two years, several major organisations have trusted us to help demystify the world of blockchain and digital assets and solve over 40 major related projects in countries across the world - ranging from helping shape regulation in this space to resolving crisis management situations, and everything in between. 

Challenges we've advised clients on and questions we've helped find answers to in relation to blockchain and digital assets include:

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Digesting Digital Currencies
  • What exactly are digital currencies and stablecoins? 
  • How do they fit into my business and what are the legal, operational and other risks to consider? 

We are sole legal advisor on the UK Finance Digital Money Steering Group which is considering the challenges and opportunities of a UK Central Bank Digital Currency and reports output through to the Bank of England. This group will be going on to consider amendments to legislation to bring certain stablecoins into scope of regulation.

Unlocking Opportunities
  • How can digital assets form part of my business solution, whether I am structuring a decentralised finance protocol or solution, using NFT technology to drive engagement with consumers, or trading, investing in or providing access to digital assets, such as digital green bonds? 

We are advising on the implementation of a novel DeFi lending protocol which enables borrowers to access liquidity in a cost-efficient, speedy and transparent manner by tokenising security taken over their property and placing it on blockchain so it can be used as collateral.


Navigating Business Threats
  • Where digital assets are embedded in or form part of my business, how should I deal with cyber-security breaches, tracing stolen digital assets or devise a rapid response strategy addressing reputational, legal and regulatory consequences? 
  • Equally, how can I minimise my third party risk as well as risk of fraud?

We helped a client work through a crisis management situation advising on AML, CTF and sanctions risks of meeting a demand for ransom payable in cryptocurrency.


Resolving Conflict
  • How can I head conflict off before matters escalate, finding pragmatic, practical and cost-effective solutions at any stage of a dispute?

We are regularly brought in early by clients to assist with escalation processes and counterparty engagement to help them analyse the risks, position themselves for success and seek to reach consensual resolutions where possible. This includes acting for clients where digital assets form the subject matter.

Emerging Stronger
  • The world of digital assets is vastly more diverse than just cryptocurrencies or stablecoins. An increasing trend we are seeing is for digitisation and fractionalisation of so-called real world assets, to enable easy management and investment in assets as diverse as artwork, financial assets and real property. 
  • However, the dip in value of certain cryptocurrencies has brought into focus what happens when a business holding digital assets gets into difficulties, as well as what the follow-on issues are.

We act for boards of directors, creditors, insolvency practitioners and other stakeholders in relation to a range of distressed businesses including electronic money and payment institutions. 

Whatever your business objectives, we’ll help you develop the foundations you need to trade, implement or distribute blockchain and digital assets with confidence.

Demystifying Blockchain and Digital Assets.

Here's a small snapshot of our work, which includes advising:

DeFi teaser

DeFi Lending Protocol

On the implementation of a DeFi lending protocol which enables borrowers to access liquidity in a cost-efficient and transparent manner by tokenising security taken over their property and placing it on blockchain so it can be used as collateral.

Finance - Teaser

UK Finance

UK Finance in relation to the potential adoption of a UK retail central bank digital currency (CBDC). This involved presenting to the Bank of England on the potential opportunities and risks to be managed in launching a retail CBDC.

Global Utilities Company Teaser

Global Utilities Company

A listed global utilities company on the launch of an ESG-focused business line involving the arrangement of tokenised carbon credit trading deals via a regulated ADGM exchange.

Online service provider teaser

Leading Online Service Providers

Several leading online service providers on the roll-out and transfer of virtual assets under GCC laws in connection with the gamification of their social media and video sharing platforms.

Automotive F1 track - teaser

Automotive Manufacturer

An automotive manufacturer on minting an NFT for laps of an F1 racetrack.

Crypto teaser

Cryptocurrency Exchange

The co-founder of a cryptocurrency exchange and his wholly owned company in a high profile shareholder dispute against a South Korean private equity holding company. 

Crypto teaser

Crypto Exchange in Asia

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia in a debt recovery case where a professional trader bought coins but refused to pay for them. 

Crypto teaser

Crypto Exchange in Japan

A crypto exchange in a JV dispute regarding the establishment and dissolution of a crypto business in Japan. 

Money teaser

UK Finance, Payments Association and Digital Pound Foundation 

UK Finance, Payments Association and Digital Pound Foundation with preparing a submission to UK Financial Conduct Authority and HM Treasury on the EU Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation.

Spin-off of a blockchain availability product

Advised a founder on the spin-off of a blockchain availability product from the group's core business into its own standalone business (including a business transfer and complex assignments of rights).

Blockchain business

Advised a blockchain business on:

  • legal and regulatory requirements and compliance strategies eg. in relation to a new digital asset wallet product and a tokenised financial transaction and settlement platform
  • related contractual arrangements with customers and suppliers
  • its engagement of a team of specialist developers to develop cross-chain, interoperable verification capability
  • its strategy and process in relation to investments in adjacent and complementary technology and its diversification strategy, including its governance, funding and shareholding frameworks
  • issues and risks with co-creators and partners and IPR protections