AG work closely with water resource teams and technical advisers to support water undertakers (and other non-undertakers who plan and manage the use of their water resources) in their water resource management plans.

Our work varies from peer review and legal assurance; to being a fully integrated part of the technical advisory team dealing with all aspects of preparation (including objectives, methodologies, option appraisal and justification for decision making), environmental assessment, drafting, board assurances, pre-consultation engagement, consultation and response, revisions, inquiry or challenge all the way through to securing Secretary of State publication approval. 

We support communications teams in ensuring consistent and clearly understandable public messages are presented from the highly technical information and that engagement is meaningful. We support teams in incorporating their plans into their business plans, their implementation strategies and in giving their annual reports. 

We provide advice and support in the preparation, drafting and implementation of Drought Plans, Drought Orders and Drought Permits, and other drought interventions.

We advise on environmental assessment, mitigation, monitoring and compensation provisions, access and rights, permitted development and planning requirements applicable to both. 

More recently the team have supported companies and regions in understanding developing policy and guidance in this area and are currently advising on addressing and mitigating the potential legal risks and conflicts between the development of strategic resource options, non-statutory regional plans and statutory water resource management plans. 

The team have presented at, hosted and continue to support the National Water Resources Network. 

We also support numerous clients in managing the challenges they face with waste water treatment, particularly in balancing commercial needs and increased regulatory interventions. There is a fine balance to be met and reputational risks to manage where matters become contentious or alleged to be unsustainable practices.