2 November 2023
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In-person event

The AGenda – Essential updates for in-house counsel – Glasgow

Join us for a morning of immersive insights into the hottest legal topics. On the 2nd November, The AGenda will land in Glasgow. We’ll take a whirlwind ride through four key issues that senior in-house lawyers are facing – with a twist...

02 November 2023
08:00 - 11:30 (GMT)
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Inspired by real-world situations, we’ll put ourselves in the shoes of ‘Andrea Goodcounsel’, the intrepid General Counsel of a fictitious conglomerate, who is about to face a very long morning:

  • Executives leaving under a cloud of suspicion
  • A digital transformation project breaking at the seams
  • Nerves around a new strategic partnership
  • Challenging boardroom questions about net-zero energy

In addition, we will be providing the opportunity throughout the morning to get a hands-on demo of the latest generative AI tools being used in law, to help separate AI myth from practical reality.

Register your interest below for a morning like no other, filled with lots of useful takeaways.

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