On 22 October 2020 we became the first law firm to be named as a 50:50 Project Partner and join the BBC's global network of organisations who share a common commitment to measuring data in order to ensure a fair balance of voices are reflected externally.

Launched in 2016, it's the biggest collective action on increasing representation in BBC content to date. Its primary objective is to create cultural change by ensuring that there is a diversity of voice in all content that is produced by the broadcaster. Starting in one newsroom it is now used across all platforms and has become a global initiative. It remains focused on the same ideas of measuring and sharing data and committing to change.

The BBC'S 50:50 External partnerships 

120 organisations in 26 countries including the Financial Times, Australia’s ABC News as well as corporate partners including Unilever, Balfour Beatty and PwC. 


When we started our involvement with 50:50, our aim was to increase the number of women mentioned in the press and wider external communications. In March 2021, we widened our data recording to client engagement (through our pitch badge) and then, more recently, to internal communications. All three activities are crucial in helping to build a woman's profile and success as a lawyer.

Hear more about the 50:50 project in a short filmed interview with Justine Delroy, William Boss and Miranda Holt, the BBC lead for the 50 50 Project. 


When we first started to collect the data - in November 2020 - we recorded 58% men v 42% women in our output. Our Communications team ensure that the best individual is always put forwards for the right opportunity. As a consequence of this new mindset, the number of opportunities for both male and female spokespeople is increasing.

The 50:50 'pitch badge'

We also include a 50:50 badge on the front of a number of our key pitches. In March 2021 we began to collect the data for client pitches to ensure that, when we engage with clients, a fair balance of men and women are reflected in the documents.

We began in March with a recording of 60% men vs 40% women. In September and October 2021 this rose to 49% men vs 51%women.

Watch our animation highlighting our achievements over the first year of being part of the 50:50 project:

Find out more

You can watch a recording of the event which launched our involvement and please visit the BBC's website for more information on how the partnerships work.