On 22 October 2020 we became the first law firm to be named as a 50:50 Project Partner and join the BBC's global network of organisations who share a common commitment to measuring data in order to ensure a fair balance of voices are reflected externally.

Launched in 2016, it's the biggest collective action on increasing representation in BBC content to date. Its primary objective is to create cultural change by ensuring that there is a diversity of voice in all content that is produced by the broadcaster. Starting in one newsroom it is now used across all platforms and has become a global initiative. 

It remains focused on the same ideas of measuring and sharing data and committing to change.

External partnerships 

The world’s most high-profile businesses are significant content creators and media contributors. They are working with the 50:50 team to inspire a shift in how the business sector is reflected in the media. To date it has 70 organisations in over 20 countries involved – including the Financial Times, Australia’s ABC News as well as corporate partners including Unilever, Balfour Beatty and PwC. 

What will we be doing?

From 1st November we will be counting every male and female voice that we put forward for media opportunities, press releases and awards submissions. We will share our data with 50:50 The Equality Project team every month as well as internally.  

After 3 months we will scale up to include other opportunities. The media engagement will initially help build profile for women, as well as their personal brands, through increased profile. We will then look to apply the methodology more creatively, specifically in client engagement opportunities and internal engagements. This is particularly important when looking at career paths because a lot of success is around influencing people internally.

The 50: 50 The Equality Project is focused on collecting data to drive change, measuring what we control without compromising on quality and an aim to discover new voices to better reflect a wider audience. 

You can watch a recording of the event which launched our involvement and please visit the BBC's website for more information on how the partnerships work.

Interlaw Diversity Forum's panel event – 12 November 2020 

AG were privileged to host Interlaw Diversity Forum's panel event on the legal sector launch of the 50:50 Project, with our co-head gender diversity, Justine Delroy, opening with an introduction on how we are adopting the 50:50 methodology and why the legal sector should get involved.  You can watch a recording of the event here: