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1 August 2019

Whose loss is it anyway? - Recovering related company losses

Where one company in a group procures goods or services on which other members of the corporate group depend, or from which they benefit, can the contracting company recover losses sustained by its related or affiliated companies ...

1 August 2019

The limits to confidentiality for arbitration applications to the court

A recent judgment The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators v B and Others [2019] EWHC (Comm) highlights an exception to the general principle of confidentiality in arbitration proceedings, when it is "in the interests of justice" to permit access t...

1 August 2019

Online civil procedure – revolution or evolution?

Lord Briggs' Civil Courts Structure Review in 2016 saw greater use of technology and online legal proceedings as an opportunity for beneficial reform to UK courts.

1 August 2019

Solicitors in breach of contract and negligent due to failure to properly advise their client

The defendant solicitors in Moda International Brands v Gateley LLP [2019] EWHC 1326 were Gateley LLP (the Solicitors) and the claimants were their client Moda International Brands (Moda) with Mr Wilkinson acting as their agent.

1 August 2019

Serious harm test for defamation claims - Lachaux v Independent Print in the Supreme Court

Costs award against insurers under s 51 SCA 1981

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