12 October 2023
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EU Foreign subsidies regulation - What you need to do now that it is fully in force

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From 12 October 2023, new mandatory ex ante filing and standstill obligations apply to EU-related M&A deals and public tenders meeting certain thresholds. 

Much like the EU merger control regime, these obligations have the potential to disrupt (and, in certain cases, block) deals that raise foreign subsidies concerns. We explain below how these will affect your business governance and strategy going forward.

What the new FSR regime does
What you need to do

Next steps

Click on the link below to open an interactive document highlighting the main features of the EU FSR regime.

Key contacts

Partner, Head of Competition, Co-Head of Retail & Consumer Sector
London, UK

Partner, Competition & Regulation

Partner, Competition

Partner & Head of EU, Competition & Procurement (Ireland)
Dublin, Ireland

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