Fair, thoughtful, and effective resolution of sensitive situations

When sensitive personal conduct, ethics or culture investigations are needed, managing them poorly can make matters worse. Regulators are looking more closely at compliance with ethical provisions of corporate governance codes, whistleblowing is increasing, and increasing enlightenment around ESG also all demand objective self-reflection even when there is no legal compulsion.

We help organisations to navigate sensitive conduct, ethics, and culture investigations - fairly, thoughtfully, and effectively. 

In recent years, clients including over 10 FTSE 100 companies and leading global brands have trusted us to do just that.

Our multi-disciplinary team of investigations, employment, criminal, and health and safety specialists are well equipped to bring you the right expertise to conduct sensitive internal investigations and navigate appropriate steps to minimise both risk and unhelpful disruption. We can support you through every stage, including:

  • Investigating allegations sensitively and fairly, with a trauma-informed approach 
  • Providing experienced, trained investigators, including criminal and health and safety specialists, where allegations of sexual misconduct or sexual offences are made
  • Managing the disruption to your business
  • Navigating the legal, regulatory, and reputational risks 
  • Sensitively addressing employment, HR, exit or litigation consequences that may follow allegations
  • Considering, planning, and conducting remediation exercises to transform culture or raise morale, including reviews of policies and processes, structures, culture transformation, measurement, and training

We promise measured, judgement-led advice from legal experts who see the whole picture.

Recent experience
  • Conducting whistleblowing investigations for companies in the energy and mining sector relating to conflicts of interest and bullying.
  • Conducting whistleblowing investigations in relation to allegations of non-financial misconduct, including discrimination, sexual misconduct 
  • Conducting an "open" and independent investigation for a US-headquartered multi-national corporation regarding a whistleblow/grievance regarding allegations of bullying.
  • Conducting an internal investigation for a financial services firm into whistleblowing allegations of bullying and incompetence against the Head of Internal Audit.
  • Advising a UK company on a senior executive whistleblowing matter which involved allegations of both legal/regulatory breaches and bullying/discrimination.  Working closely together, our Employment and Investigations teams conducted a legally privileged investigation into the regulatory breach allegations. and, in parallel, advised in relation to a complex grievance procedure.  
  • Supporting a non-executive director to conduct an internal investigation into allegations of misconduct and bullying against a senior member of staff.
  • Advising an independent reviewer on a public independent review of the governance and culture of a bank.
  • Acting for a US law firm on an SRA investigation into bullying and harassment.
  • Advising a large corporate on responding to allegations of institutional racism.
  • Leading a large scale investigation by a multi-national financial institution into more than 100 complaints of historic sexual assault 
  • Conducting an investigation for a corporate entity in connection with complaints of harassment
  • Conducting investigations for a care home business in connection with complaints of physical, mental and sexual abuse
  • We were appointed by a UK institution within the financial services sector to conduct a privileged whistleblowing investigation into allegations of  allegations of bullying and governance irregularities. We further supported on the internal disciplinary process that followed the investigation, resulting in the executive who was the subject of the investigation resigning with immediate effect.

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