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18 September 2020

Furlough Fraud - HMRC's statement of intent

Despite the furlough scheme supporting 1.2 million employers across the UK, HM Revenue and Customs has announced that it is now reviewing 27,000 cases where abuse or fraud is suspected.

17 September 2020


There has been much press coverage in recent years on Tenant CVAs and the tempo on these has increased in recent weeks with the approval of CVAs for New Look, Pizza Express and Yo Sushi! amongst others.

16 September 2020

COVID-19: FCA Additional Guidance on Mortgages and Coronavirus

Since March this year the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has introduced a range of targeted temporary measures and guidance to help consumers negatively impacted and struggling with mortgage payments in light of Covid.


16 September 2020

New Smart Meter Framework from June 2021

Read more about New Smart Meter Framework from June 2021 here...

14 September 2020

Fight for your right to party: How will the night-time industry survive the storm?

The devastating effect of the global COVID-19 pandemic has been felt across the entire leisure and hospitality sector, but nowhere has felt the pain quite as acutely as the UK's night-time economy which without extended Government support may stru...

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