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6 August 2019

Corporate News - August 2019

Read on for the latest news and updates in corporate governance, equity capital markets, narrative financial reporting, regulation in practice, executive remuneration, takeover, audit, case law, and Brexit.

5 August 2019

Corporate Crime & Investigations Update - 5 August 2019

Read on for the latest news and updates in bribery and corruption; money laundering; sanctions; fraud; corporate tax evasion; FCA enforcement; and health and safety

2 August 2019

Leasehold reform gathers pace

The Government has recently published its response to the consultation (October 2018) on "Implementing reforms to the leasehold system" which looked at how a number of measures to tackle unfair practices in the leasehold market should work in prac...

2 August 2019

Transport Update - July 2019

Explore this month's Transport Update for a snapshot of the major developments affecting the transport industry.

2 August 2019

Public Procurement Update - 30 July

AEW and others v Basingstoke: confirming the limits on availability of the Ineffectiveness Remedy

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