27 June 2024
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Energy ready: Landowner's guide to solar developments

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Solar developments are increasing with developers looking to secure land (usually agricultural) via option agreements.  If you are approached by a developer, what should you be thinking about?


Landowners can play a pivotal role in the green energy movement, as renewable energy initiatives gain momentum. One opportunity involves entering into an option agreement with a solar developer. This arrangement grants the developer the exclusive right to evaluate and potentially develop a solar energy project on your property. However, this journey requires careful navigation to safeguard your interests as a landowner and make sure that the project aligns with your expectations. Here are some essential considerations for landowners thinking about such agreements.

Understanding the partnership dynamics
Site suitability and access
Grid connection and planning implications
Existing tenancies and financial implications
Decommissioning and environmental considerations

So What?

Entering into an option agreement with a solar developer offers a promising opportunity for landowners but demands thorough consideration and negotiation to align the project with your interests and expectations. By focusing on the key considerations we have set out, you can navigate the complexities of solar energy development, making a valuable contribution to the renewable energy landscape while protecting your land and financial interests.

Next steps

If you are a landowner who needs assistance then please get in touch. Also see our Energy Ready tool for other ways you can use your land for renewable energy.

To the Point 

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