9 November 2023
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Public Charge Point Regulations 2023 - What charge point operators need to know

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Operators of public charge points will need to make sure they comply with the new Public Charge Point Regulations. All public charge points will need to display their charges in pence per kilowatt hour very shortly. Other obligations (including the requirement to provide for contactless payment, 24/7 telephone helplines and 99% reliability for rapid chargepoints) will apply from 2024 or 2025 but charge point operators will need to start preparing now, as there are significant penalties for non-compliance.

Who do they apply to?
What do they apply to?
When do they start to apply?
What if I breach the Regulations?

What should I do now?

Contact one of us to discuss how you might need to adapt your contracts to deal with these new obligations.

To the Point 

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