21 September 2023
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Blending hydrogen into the GB gas grid

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The UK Government has promised to make a strategic policy decision in 2023 on whether to allow the blending of up to 20% hydrogen into the GB gas grid. Spoiler: this isn't the decision, but it's a consultation that will help them make the decision so if you are a hydrogen producer or a gas distribution network operator you should read and respond to it. The consultation looks at whether there is potential strategic and economic value for blending hydrogen, and if it is safe. It discusses the commercial support that government may offer to hydrogen producers selling hydrogen for blending. It also discusses how to implement blending, including billing arrangements and injection points.

Why have hydrogen blending?
What government support will there be for hydrogen blending?
How will blending be implemented?
When will blending happen?
Will blending benefit my hydrogen production project?
What can I do in the meantime?

To the Point 

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