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Pre-Action Protocol for Construction and Engineering Disputes (second edition)

This article explores the new Protocol which retrospectively came into force on 9 November 2016 after consultation by TeCSA and TECBAR. It varies the first edition of the Protocol dramatically, importantly removing the compulsory element. However, it is at present largely unclear how the Protocol should be treated and is only available on the TeCSA website.

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Alliancing using NEC3 contracts

This article looks at the NEC's guidance on the implementation of alliancing using NEC3 contracts entitled: "Improving infrastructure delivery: Alliancing code of practice".

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Enforcing judgments post-Brexit

This article explores the future of cross-border dispute resolution. English judgments are currently enforceable in all EU member states (and vice versa), but will the uncertainty surrounding the implications of enforcing judgments following the UK's departure from the EU make the UK courts a less attractive option?

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Adjudication: Liability for opponent's costs

This article answers the following questions: Is adjudication still fundamentally cost neutral, as Parliament intended, with the only costs risk being the unsuccessful party paying the adjudicator's costs? What is the impact in practice of Lulu Construction Ltd v Mulalley & Co?

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New logistics report: How soon is now?

Our report, How soon is now? gathers the views of leading investors, developers, occupiers and operators and sets out policy recommendations on how the logistics sector should respond to the current challenges and opportunities.

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