The word ‘talent’ can call to mind a whole host of issues.

For some leaders it evokes the challenge of identifying and recruiting talent; for others it’s how to develop talent while operating in a fairly flat pyramid and under restrictive remuneration structures. Another important factor is that of time. With seemingly more to do in fewer hours the talent agenda can often be forgotten.

How can the Client Development Centre (CDC) help?

We can help you to develop a clear idea of what ‘good’ looks like within the context of your organisation both in terms of competencies and cultural fit so that you ensure the best talent is attracted, retained and motivated to do the right things.

Individual and team development/leadership

Helping in-house teams maximise their contribution to their business has been the cornerstone of the work of the CDC since 2005. We offer bespoke workshops, individual leadership development and broader programmes like Future Leaders.

Mentoring and coaching

Coaching and mentoring enable individuals and teams to achieve their full potential and are often an effective way of creating a high-performance culture. By drawing on more than ten years experience in this area, we offer insight and support directly relevant to the specific opportunities and challenges faced by senior in-house counsel.

Of particular interest to clients is our 100-day coaching programme that provides structured support to individuals taking on a new role.

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