Moving to a new position is both an exciting opportunity and a huge challenge, especially when it is a senior appointment. Within the first three months there is an expectation that you can assimilate your new job, influence a new team, make an impact across all stakeholders and create the right culture.

The Client Development Centre’s (CDC’s) 100-day coaching programme combines leading approaches to managing transition with insights gained from extensive interviews with lawyers who have moved in-house.

How the programme can help you

As part of the 100 days of coaching, we'll have face-to-face conversations to explore the challenges you expect to face in your new role. The coaching process will allow you the time and space to talk and think things through, stepping back from day-to-day operational pressures. The time will be used to work out what’s important, not just what’s urgent, so you can focus on delivering your goals.

To support your transition, you can refer as required to a suite of materials covering six key topics:

1. Planning and preparation

Using a whole system’s approach you will feel prepared for your new role and can avoid common traps.

2. Making an impact

This will look at identifying the right people to speak to and how to make the most of your conversations.

3. Building relationships

Discover tools and techniques to help you build great relationships with your boss, your team and others.

4. Focusing on delivery

Set priorities, maintain your focus and secure early wins.

5. Being a leader

This will look at making an impact and finding the critical factors that will help you succeed.

6. Winning team

Receive guidance on aligning your team and your people to help you deliver a winning performance.

Optimising performance

The 100-day programme presents benefits aplenty for both the coachee and the organisation they work for.

Benefits for the coachee include:

  • Greater confidence
  • Heightened level of performance
  • Accelerated progress along the learning curve
  • Clearer more goal oriented thinking
  • Greater focus on the actions and results
  • Quicker adaptation to the new culture

Benefits for the organisation include:

  • Time saving as employees adjust faster to their new responsibilities
  • Improved job satisfaction from employees building better relationships
  • Improved performance as employees clarify delivery expectations and objectives
  • Reduced turnover as employees feel welcomed and valued
  • Reduced start-up costs as employees get the start they need to hit the ground running

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