How can the higher education sector, a facilitator of generational change, effectively meet net zero carbon emissions within the next 30 years?

On 20 April, AG Partner Paul Dight will discuss sustainability with key figures working within or close to the higher education sector, looking at some of the work that is being done as well as future opportunities and new ways of thinking. The event will likely cover decarbonising higher education through better management of day-to-day operations, sustainability-linked lending, low-carbon procurement and supply chain monitoring as means to decarbonise the higher education sector as part of a special event with Partnerships Bulletin.

The panel will include Eva O'Connor, Associate Director at Arup, Helena Tinker, Head of Environmental Sustainability at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and Professor Xudong Zhao, Professor of Engineering at the University of Hull. The panel event will be chaired by AG Legal Director Stephanie Townley.

This panel event is part of the Higher Education PPP conference, which brings together universities and their partners to discuss the latest innovation in the sector. Focusing on Europe and North America, the Hub will cover both geographies in a fully virtual event spanning ten hours. 

AG's panel event, 'Sustainability: what does it mean for you?', will take place between 13:00-13:45 on Tuesday 20 April. Attendees are eligible for a discount on the full ticket price by using the following code: 'AGLLP'. To view further details and book tickets for the event, click here

Recommended reading

AG Legal Director Stephanie Townley has written about ways the higher education sector can meet net zero carbon emissions in a new report for the Partnerships Bulletin Higher Education Report for 2021. To read the article for free, click here.