In this 4-part webinar series, we will explore hot topics and common themes often leading to disputes across PFI/PPP projects. 

Access the recordings and presentation slides below:

Part 1: Change of law in the context of changes to fire safety legislation


Part One: Additional Information

We hope that you found the first session useful.

We have outlined a couple of resources that you may be interested in below:

AG's recently published article on the topic of fire and building safety: 'Government pushes ahead with new fire and building safety regime through the introduction of the Fire Safety and Building Safety Bills': Access the article here.

Government website link containing various Fire Safety resources, including reports and draft bills: Access here

There was one question from the webinar that we didn't get time to respond to but thought might be of interest to the wider group which was about the territorial extent of each of the Fire Safety Bill and the Building Safety Bill, i.e. are they applicable to Scotland as well as England and Wales?

The Fire Safety Bill extends and applies to England and Wales only. 

The position with regard to the Building Safety Bill is slightly more complicated. The Bill extends to England and Wales only, with the exception of a few clauses that extend to the whole of the UK (part 1 – an overview of the Bill and part 5 - relating to construction products, architects and the creation of the new homes ombudsman). 

There is a really helpful summary of the position regarding territorial extent and application at Annex A. Access the summary here

Don’t forget that Part 2 of our 4 Part Webinar Series on key legal and commercial issues when considering termination of PFI and PPP contracts will be taking place next month, so do keep an eye out on your emails in order to register yor interest for this session. A speaker from Deloitte will also be joining us as a special guest for this session, so it is definitely not one to be missed!




Part Two: Additional Information

In the second session in this series we will explore the complex legal and commercial issues associated with pursuing termination of PFI contracts. As well as the basics, such as establishing grounds for termination, we will be working through some of the wider financial and strategic issues that feed into any decision to set a course for termination. 

  • Grounds for termination in standard form PFI contracts
  • The termination process
  • Compensation on termination
  • Financial considerations
  • Strategic factors
  • Questions 

Stephanie Townley, Legal Director, Infrastructure Projects & Energy

Phil Dupres, Managing Associate, Infrastructure Projects & Energy


James Millar, Director, Healthcare and Government Infrastructure Advisory at Deloitte

The next session in this series will focus on hand back of PFI assets.


Part 3: Handback - The Final Act


Part Three: Additional Information

In the third of this four-part webinar series, we continue to explore hot topics and common themes often leading to disagreements or disputes on PFI/PPP projects.

  • The current position with PFI Projects following the NAO's Report in 2020;
  • The handback process;
  • Interaction with maintenance and lifecycle provisions, and financial considerations;
  • Strategy and planning needed to facilitate handback;
  • The technical approach to handback, including surveys, planning and remediation


Key contact

Stephanie Townley

Stephanie Townley

Legal Director, Infrastructure, Projects & Energy

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Philip Dupres

Philip Dupres

Managing Associate, Infrastructure, Projects and Energy
United Kingdom

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Philip Withey

Philip Withey

Managing Associate, Construction and Engineering Disputes
Manchester, UK

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Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson

Managing Associate, Construction and Engineering Disputes
Manchester, UK

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