The more straightforward way to meet the Consumer Duty deadline

If you are a retail financial services firm and have not yet finalised your plans to comply with the Consumer Duty implementation deadline of 31 July 2023, we can help you find the most straightforward path for your business. A specialist in Consumer Duty and other financial regulations, we have advised over 700 well-known companies on their regulatory obligations and compliance programmes in the last three years – including many of the world's most renowned financial services businesses. Please get in touch with any one of us to discuss your specific situation, but ahead of then there are three resources that might help you.

A simple, Consumer Duty Evaluator tool that will distil the entire Consumer Duty into a simple piece of technology and that will help you identify priority risks in your business. Please watch a short video overview of the tool below, or contact us for a private, no obligation demo. Watch a short video about the tool >

For a recap on the Consumer Duty and how it relates to retail products such as mortgages, insurance, payments services and more, please watch the free videos below – which are recordings of training sessions we provided to some existing clients and contacts of the firm. Watch the training videos >

Should you need bespoke support or advice, we have prepared a summary of ways in which we can help you, from gap analysis and Board support, through to commercial interpretation and customer communications. Download the PDF >




We provide a simple, Consumer Duty Evaluator tool that will distil the entire Consumer Duty into a simple piece of technology. The tool will help you identify priority compliance risks in your business. Watch a short video introduction and please contact us if you would value more information.


Free Consumer Duty Training Videos

We've recorded summaries of the Consumer Duty and how it relates to retail financial services products. Each lasts about an hour, but should provide a solid grounding in the core obligations. These videos are for clients and professionals in retail financial services firms, and so you need to enter your details to access them, but they are free.

– Session 1: Introduction and Overview
– Session 2: Consumer Credit Products: Loans, credit cards and charge cards
– Session 3: Current accounts and savings accounts 
– Session 4: Insurance
– Session 5: Payment services and e-money 
– Session 6: Mortgages 
– Session 7: Commercial banking products 
– Session 8: Asset Finance

Enter your details to access the training videos:



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