AG Integrate provides legal skills on a flexible basis, that combine with AG’s traditional services to offer choice, control and top-quality results.

In 2015, these strengths came together in AG Integrate – our pool of talented self-employed lawyers from all walks of life, who work for our clients and us flexibly.

Breaking down boundaries

AG Integrate is founded on a belief that, by breaking down boundaries between legal experts who work differently, we attract talent that others can’t reach. We know that the most talented people don’t all live and work in the same place and they don’t want to work in the same way, so we’re on a mission to find them and integrate their skills into our leading legal solutions.

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Giving clients choice

Clients tell us that most law firms offer only one way to manage legal risk: law firm associates working under the stewardship of a partner. So they like the fact that, through AG Integrate, we offer choice in how their work is handled, from a short ‘skills injection’ to a longer-term placement; from a team of private practice lawyers, to a hub of AG Integrate Consultants working remotely. With all these options from AG, clients save time managing multiple providers, knowing the choice they need is in one place.

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A more Flexible Future for Legal Service.

We truly believe that the legal services of the future will combine the best of new business models and established law firms. Now we’ve seen the power of AG Integrate in action, we have no doubt.

Don’t just take our word for it. Numerous clients and consultants have experienced the benefits of AG Integrate – read our case studies here to learn more about AG Integrate in action.

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