Part Art.

Part Science.

Complete Chemistry.

We aim to match businesses with the perfect person – the precise mix of skills, experience and personality that will thrive in any role.

Choose Your Own Path

At AG Integrate, we help lawyers and legal professionals become successful contractors. Our consulting model gives you flexibility, control and the opportunity to work with a variety of clients, across all kinds of projects. Crucially, we work closely with you to find the positions that match your skillset, personality and goals.

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Lawyers Who Get It. Then Get On With It.

We work with a wide variety of clients, including FTSE, AIM and top 250 companies, across a broad range of industries: Financial Services, Real Estate, Retail & Consumer, Transport, Digital, Healthcare and more.

We spend a lot of time talking with GC's and Heads of Legal and from talking to them, we know that people are facing similar challenges. They need a fast, efficient, cost-effective way of bringing in extra lawyers for short periods, whether that’s because of a spike in workload, parental leave or long-term sickness. You need people with high-level experience who will get to grips with your business, your culture, and your specific case.

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A more Flexible Future for Legal Service.

We truly believe that the legal services of the future will combine the best of new business models and established law firms. Now we’ve seen the power of AG Integrate in action, we have no doubt.

Don’t just take our word for it. Numerous clients and consultants have experienced the benefits of AG Integrate – read our case studies here to learn more about AG Integrate in action.

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