18 July 2023
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Paralegal Blog Series - Beth Mills

To The Point

AG Integrate's Paralegal Hub Lead Clover Matthews interviews Beth Mills, one of our superstar Paralegal Consultants who has delivered an outstanding service to some of the Firm's Clients. Beth explains her journey into legal freelancing as a Paralegal working exclusively with our Award-Winning AG Integrate Team. Learn more around her fascinating journey and excellent experience gained via the interim work she has been involved in here!

Welcome to the next instalment of our blog series where we explain why AG Integrate is the perfect match for our Hub of AG Integrate Paralegal Consultants.

The rise in demand for interim Paralegal support in legal services is a constant; businesses are looking for increased efficiencies and the need for interim Paralegal support continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down.

AG Integrate's Paralegal Hub talent pool includes a range of talented and ambitious individuals from law graduates, looking to develop their practical skills and gain exposure to a variety of quality work across a number of different sectors / industries, to career Paralegals.

Additionally, those individuals who are looking to qualify through the SQE route, requiring two years' full time (or equivalent) qualifying work experience (QWE) can take the opportunity to become a consultant, securing assignments that fit around them whilst being able to gain experience to develop some or all the competencies needed to be a solicitor.

Who is the star of this Blog Series?

In this series we interviewed Beth Mills, an AG Integrate Paralegal Consultant who has provided invaluable support to 3 of our Clients across our Energy and Utilities and Financial Services Sectors.

Can you share with us your journey into the legal profession to date, including why a legal career is for you?

After studying History at University for my undergraduate, I curiously tried out a brief online internship in Law. I enjoyed this so much that I made the decision to apply to get my Masters and complete a conversion course into Law. I completed this during the pandemic, which was equally challenging and rewarding.

What attracted you to working as a consultant with AG Integrate?

I knew I'd love to be part of Addleshaw Goddard, understanding their positive reputation and delivery of excellent legal services; when AG Integrate reached out to me and explained that their team worked to provide clients with legal services, by placing the right consultant externally, they caught my attention. After meeting to further discuss the benefits of working as one of their consultants, I knew the setup was perfect for me in terms of career development and breaking into the industry.

What have you enjoyed the most about becoming an AG Integrate Paralegal?

Seeing the amount of growth and being able to feel proud of the work I produce and the contributions I’m able to make. After just a few months in my current role, I’ve been trusted with a lot of responsibility in projects I’ve worked on, which makes me feel valued and capable.

Can you explain how you have been supported in your roles by the AG Integrate team?

AG Integrate have always demonstrated their support. This has been in the form of reviewing my CV before they suggest my profile to potential new assignments, offering words of encouragement before interviews and checking in afterwards. I also can have confidence that there will be regular contact throughout my assignments, to ensure that I am enjoying myself and getting what I need out of my experience as well as the client. I trust that even minor issues will be taken seriously, and so I feel acknowledged by the AG Integrate team.

How has becoming an AG Integrate Paralegal been the perfect match for you and supported with your future career aspirations?

This experience has allowed me to have a diverse exposure to the legal field in a famously competitive industry, leading me to working in dynamic environments, increasing my commercial awareness, as well as the network of lawyers who are supportive of my career too. I have been privy to discussions with some truly impressive people, with inspiring careers and encouraging words of advice. This wouldn’t have been possible without AG Integrate, and as I continue to pursue my legal career, I know that taking on these Paralegal roles will help me to qualify as a solicitor.

What has been your AG Integrate highlight?

The standout quality of being an AG Integrate Paralegal has been feeling like I can speak to the team and be listened to. I have felt comfortable discussing changes I wanted to see, roles I wanted to prioritise, receiving feedback for my applications and interviews, which is constructive and positive.

AG Integrate are kind, approachable and consistent in reaching out to me which has meant I have felt supported. I have also been confident that they are seeking to align my best interests with that of the teams I have been assigned to; my experience includes engagements which have expanded my legal and commercial knowledge and involved me in some fascinating projects. I'm grateful to the team for facilitating my introduction to a legal career; AG Integrate has truly been invaluable.

Next Steps

At AG Integrate, we are here to create opportunities for graduates and career Paralegals and provide our esteemed Clients with effective support and creative solutions. If you are a Client looking for interim Paralegal support or you are a Paralegal who would like to know more around our opportunities, please don't hesitate to reach out to Clover Matthews!

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