12 December 2023
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What makes AG Integrate the perfect match? Retail & Consumer Consultant edition

To The Point
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AG Integrate's Clover Matthews and Kudirat Yusuf interview Benjamin Scott, one of our many talented Consultants. Benjamin explains his journey into legal freelancing and why AG Integrate has been the perfect match for him. Learn more around his journey and experience gained via the interim work he has been involved in here!

Welcome to the next instalment of our blog series where we explain why AG Integrate is the perfect match for our talented Consultant, Benjamin Scott.

We’ve been placing hundreds of interim lawyers, legal ops, compliance, risk, governance, company secretarial and other specialists into in-house roles at the world’s best brands since 2015. 

But there's a difference when working with AG Integrate, because where your next interim legal consultant or legal role is concerned, for us getting it almost right is 100% wrong.

Who is the star of this Blog Series?

In this series we interviewed Benjamin Scott, an AG Integrate Consultant who has provided invaluable support to one of our leading Retail & Consumer Clients.

You have been a consultant now for several years, why is consultancy such a good fit for you and why did you choose legal freelancing?

My journey into consulting wasn't initially a planned choice; however, Computershare came along on an interim basis following my departure from a permanent role and I really loved it! I then rolled into another interim role at Cost Cutter and things snowballed from there. The beauty of contracting is that you can work with lots of fantastic, supportive, and great teams! A great learning for me is that I have been able to migrate to a contractor mind set and I enjoy the freedom that comes with that.

This is your first engagement with AG Integrate, how would you describe this assignment and why has it been the perfect match for you?

The people and the sector, I love retail.

Everyone is lovely to work with, of course we're incredibly busy which is nature of the beast but the work has been fantastic! The work life balance is good, and all members of the team are supportive.

I am also very grateful to AG Integrate, I felt aligned to register with AGI because it is part of a top tier firm and it has definitely felt like the right fit for me.

What has been your AG Integrate career highlight to date?

This was my first assignment with AG Integrate; how I got my current role is the highlight. When I left my last role, I reached out to AGI on a Wednesday and by Thursday I had an interview diarised. An interview was diarised by Friday followed by an offer by close of play. 

We'd love for you to tell us more about you. What do you love to do outside of work?

I have 3 kids, my oldest being 12, so I spend a lot of time with them, taking them to school, football, rugby, music lessons, to the library etc. My youngest daughter just became a representative for the council for reading!

I love to play the piano and paid my way through law school by performing at bars. I am also a gamer and love playing Call Of Duty and Medal Of Honour including playing Rocket League with my son. I love computers and have a large background within the sphere of IT work and my goal would be to work for a gaming or IT company!

I love to learn new things to keep my brain engaged and recently started looking into genetics and the theory of evolution as I also find this very interesting and another reason why I love contracting because it pushes you to learn new things in a new culture and environment. 

Next Steps

At AG Integrate, we are here to create opportunities for excellent lawyers and provide our esteemed Clients with effective support and creative solutions. If you are a Client looking for interim support or you are a lawyer who would like to know more around our interim opportunities, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

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