There has never been a more exciting – or flexible – time to be a lawyer. But making a change to freelancing requires careful investigation, a realistic viewpoint and conviction.

At AG Integrate, we speak daily to lawyers considering a move into freelancing. Once on board, we support our lawyers to secure their next placement and work with them to ensure that it is fruitful and enjoyable. All this gives us hands-on experience of what makes a successful freelance lawyer.

We’d like to use that insight here, to help you decide whether a freelance lawyer career is right for you.

It is important to consider if freelance-lawyering will meet your needs. To answer this you should identify your needs through some critical thinking about your motivations for working in this way. Next, asses your personality and behaviour traits to ensure that it will suit you working this way. Successful freelancers are often flexible, independent, resilient and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

For more tips, watch our video: Is a career as a freelance lawyer for you?