Imagine If You Had An Unlimited Team

Does this sound familiar? Enmeshed in one legal challenge after another, the business looks to you for answers. And the worst of it is, you know there are answers. You just don't have enough people to do the work. You're not alone. 

We understand your frustration...

We spend a lot of time working with GC's and Heads of Legal at FTSE 100 companies. From talking to them, we know you need a fast, efficient, value-for-money way of bringing in extra lawyers for short periods. Whether because of a bulge in your workload, parental leave or long-term sickness.

But not just any lawyers. Lawyers you don't need to spend vast amounts of time onboarding or briefing. Lawyers with high-level experience in precisely the areas where you need help. Lawyers who, to put it simply, get it.

...which is why we developed AG Integrate

Every one of our contract lawyers and technical specialists has been interviewed at length by an AG partner. They look for technical proficiency. But also cultural fit. The right work ethic. And the ability to hit the ground running on a brand-new project, for a brand-new client - you. In as little as two days after interview. As we know your support needs aren't just on Legal, we can also support with Legal Operations, Compliance, Risk, Company Secretarial, HR and Paralegals. Whether you need them for one day, week or month. We work in agile way to provide you with the interim and temporary support you need.

A personal service

AG Integrate is run by experienced legal and HR Professionals as a legal concierge service. Yes, we'll find you a lawyer with the precise mix of skills and experience you need. But we also search out and propose people who will be a good fit with your business.

Call it square pegs in square holes, if you like. (Or any other shape you feel works better for you.) And as part of our approach, we check in at intervals with you to make sure the relationship is working out.

Five minutes is all it takes

Invest five minutes of your time now in a quick call to AG Integrate and we'll show you how you can get the legal talent you need without spending money you don't have. Call us now on 07980 211024. Or drop an email to