Streamlined energy & carbon reporting requirements

This snapshot report covers the streamlined energy & carbon requirements for the Addleshaw Goddard UK operations at our offices in
Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds and London.

Reporting period: 1 May 2019 - 30 April 2020

The report has been compiled from available data for electricity and gas usage at the offices and for mileage incurred for business use in staff vehicles.
Addleshaw Goddard does not operate any fleet vehicles and therefore emissions for combustion of fuel for transport purposes (Scope 1) is not applicable.  

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard has been followed as the methodology to calculate the energy and carbon reporting
and where needed the UK Government GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting 2019 have been referenced for emission factor conversions.  

Energy and carbon report 2019/20Streamlined Energy & Carbon Report

Reporting Parameter | 1 May 2019 - 30 April 2020 (Reporting year UK)

Energy consumption used to calculate emissions, kWh: Gas 840,295;
Electricity 6,179,896; Transport fuel 159,346

– Emissions from combustion of gas tCO2e (Scope 1), tCO2e: 158 

– Emissions from combustion of fuel for transport purposes (Scope 1), tCO2e: 0

– Emissions from business travel in rental cars or employee-owned vehicles where company is responsible for purchasing the fuel (Scope 3), tCO2e: 38.4

– Emissions from purchased electricity (Scope 2, location-based), tCO2e: 1,631

– Total gross CO2e based on above, tCO2e: 1789

– Intensity ratio: tCO2e gross figure /m2: 0.08

– Methodology: GHG Protocol Corporate Standard

Energy Efficiency Action (narrative report): 

Addleshaw Goddard maintains an Environmental Management System across our UK offices and energy performance
and efficiency is a key measurement of environmental performance for the business.
Actions to improve energy efficiency are reviewed on a quarterly basis by the environment team.

The following summarises some of the actions completed during the reporting period.

London office:

 Climate controls operating 24/7 and monitoring in place;

 Optimisation controls automatic start-up of floors to heating set points all except 6th floor; 

 Out of hours internal heat recovery from floors 1/2/3;

 24/7 Climate Active Response Building System (C.A.R.B.S) automatically adjusts settings for floor / boiler temps; 

 Solar gain active response reduces heating set points on cooler sunny days and opening the cavity for free cooling operational 24/7; 

 Frost protection. Active in lower external climate conditions operational 24/7;

 Cavity vent operation climate controls. Active Free fresh air to cool building under Solar gain and climate temperature operation. 

Office Services (all UK Sites):

The MFDs across England were previously set to sleep mode after 60 mins, which reduces the energy used from 50w to less than 1w.
After some testing this has been reduced on all 84 MFDs by 75% to 15 mins.


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