The challenges you face

Financial services firms need to ensure, and evidence, on an ongoing basis that they are, and remain, compliant with the increasing volume and complexity of regulatory conduct obligations. Senior managers are ever more aware of the risks they face with the implementation of the Senior Managers Regime, in ensuring that the business areas for which they are responsible have compliant systems and controls.

Firms need to demonstrate a clear and objective understanding of their legal and regulatory risks and how they are managed. To achieve this, they need strategic support based on technical expertise, combined with a clear understanding of regulatory enforcement risks- that's where we can help.

What we offer

Compliance Effectiveness Reviews and Regulatory Health Checks are invaluable tools for senior management, providing documented assurance that the business is operating compliantly and the risk control environment is working effectively.

Our Financial Regulation team has integrated Compliance Professionals that specialise in supporting firms with the FCA conduct challenge. We have the industry insight and expertise to identify the regulatory risks and offer practical solutions, providing the assurance you need.

We offer a wide range of services which can be tailored to specific client needs and requirements, including:

Regulatory Health Checks – a framework to periodically 'test' your firm's compliance against the categories of compliance risk in the FCA Handbook, give a full gap analysis and support implementation of issues identified;

  • Conduct Risk Identification;
  • Risk Based Monitoring Planning;
  • Compliance Effectiveness Reviews;
  • Appointed Representatives / Introducer Appointed Representatives compliance review;
  • Outcome and Control Testing;
  • Financial Promotions sign-off;
  • Co-Source Compliance Monitoring – an 'on-call' service to firms that need a Compliance Professional on hand to support the business as and when they need it.

Benefit from assurance and peace of mind for your board and senior management that all material regulatory risks which are likely to result in regulatory sanctions and enforcement actions have been identified and assessed. Our team can provide an external independent review on how the firm compares to industry good practice, providing opportunities to make the firm's compliance more effective and evidence that compliance risk is being monitored.

The expertise you need

  • We have developed tools to test regulatory compliance by analysing the requirements of the FCA Handbook and categorising them into risks.
  • We can compile a standard toolkit that will form the basis of the review based on the requirements of your particular business.
  • The toolkit will identify at a general and more detailed level (depending upon the specificity of the rules) what your firm needs to be able to identify to demonstrate compliance.
  • We can provide you with the toolkit to apply to your business and populate templates relating to each risk.
  • Our Regulatory Risk and Compliance Practice Group will identify whether the evidence identified demonstrates compliance and highlight where residual risks appear to be due to evidence gaps.
  • We can provide you with a written report to senior management including an overall assessment, recommendations for both remediation where applicable and set out areas of activity which could be made more effective and efficient.
  • We can support you in implementing new procedures, policies and practices where issues have been identified and pose a risk to your business which we can follow up with outcome testing adapted to your needs.

If you would like to know more or would like us to come and talk to you further about what we can offer, please contact us.

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