Lydia specialises in a wide-range of complex commercial agreements, including drafting and negotiating agency or distribution agreements for high value supply and purchase transactions, digital technology outsourcing and licensing contracts and data sharing agreements.  

Recent experience includes:

  • Advising a smart meter manufacturer on agreements relating to the production, maintenance and repair of smart meters that were to be provided or leased to various utility providers in a multi-million pound transaction
  • Advising a client on the purchase of a private aircraft as a business asset, commercially reviewing the operator tender proposals and negotiating the operator services agreement for the use, maintenance and charter of the aircraft
  • Advising one of the world's biggest libraries on the procurement of a new digital asset management and preservation IT system, including a phased transition from legacy systems and providing standard template terms to cover all potential solutions 
  • Advising a client on standard terms to be used in respect of a newly hosted service to assist its customers in the financial sector with regulatory compliance
  • Advising a vehicle manufacturer in respect of its joint project with another vehicle manufacturer for the after-sales service agreements in respect of the development and production of new vehicles, including electric vehicle technology.
  • Advising on a business critical software and control panel development agreement to be used by a client with newly procured assets
  • German - fluent