More effective contract lifecycle management (CLM)

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If contracts are central to your company's income and operations, but contract management is distracting or draining your resources, and minimising value leakage is a priority, we can help you put in place a more effective contracts strategy. Whatever stage your in-house legal team and operations are at when it comes to contract management -  from defining your ideal operating model, to working more effectively with other business stakeholders, to actually making CLM tech work - we can help. Having supported clients such as GSK, Britvic and Lucozade, we're a specialist at helping clients swim, rather that sink in an unending tide of contract volume.


In our experience, no two client needs or situations are the same, and so how we help varies greatly from one in-house team to the next. Just some of the ways we can help include:

  • Design your ideal achievable operating model, starting with a situational and needs assessment.
  • Harmonising or developing clause banks, templates, precedents, playbooks, ingest forms, decision trees and reporting. Carrying out legacy contract reviews.
  • Tech evaluation, selection and consultancy.

What our clients are saying:

Aside from commercial contract expertise, the key learning here was to ensure that any external lawyers also understood the technology. Addleshaw Goddard was able to provide support through their technology team and bring in people with contract automation experience, from both a legal and technical standpoint.

Richard Tyler, Director of Legal, Supply Chain & Procurement, Britvic

"Appointing Addleshaw Goddard as dedicated strategic support for our CLM project has been a great move. As well as knowledge and insight around the legal technology, our consultants have demonstrated that they understand our legal process, have first-hand experience of our contracting pain-points and have invested time to get to know our team. They are able to speak our language and their support is key to ensuring our requirements are translated to both our technology vendor and implementation partner. They have been an invaluable part of our process." 

Mary Guest, SBFE Deputy Legal Director and General Counsel SBF GBI


We have a simple, one-page interactive tool that shows 4 different stages that we find many in-house teams are at on their contract management journey – including the common aspirations and questions that we repeatedly hear. If you would value a copy – or better still, a no-fuss 30-minute talk through it, please just let us know. 

We can also outline target operating models and appropriate next steps that you might wish to take, or that your industry peers have taken.


On-Demand Webinar

We recently held a webinar to share some common pitfalls we're seeing and practical points we've learned when it comes to better contract management – so you can prevent time and money mysteriously disappearing from your sea of contracts.


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