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Computer - Data - Tech Talks

19 July 2021

The rise of the law firm legal product

The concept of creating products to be used in the legal field is not a new phenomenon. Read more here >

Data - Legal Tech - Wires

8 July 2021

The Real Battle for Legal Tech

Are law firms really over legal tech? "No, they really, really aren't" states our Head of Innovation and Legal Technology Kerry Westland in her new Tech Talks blog post.

25 June 2019

What is a lawyer?

The role of a lawyer continues to change and shift with technology having played a huge part. The profession now starts to look at what's possible and how technology can automate processes...

16 May 2019

A day in the life of a tech trainee

Olivia, a trainee solicitor in my team and one of the first technology trainees at AG talks in today's blog about her role, overcoming milestones and developing solutions that not only make AG standout from the crowd, but have seen her shortlisted...

1 May 2019

What is your North Star?

I've been thinking for a while about what my next blog post should be. Once you start a blog, you feel a pressure to keep writing, to keep being interesting (if you ever were). And whilst those who know me well would be shocked, recently I couldn’...

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