30 January 2024
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The Innovation Graduate Scheme – A Journey of Growth and Possibilities

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As the closing piece of a 3-part blog series, Nicole shares a reflection on the journey of growth and possibilities from her perspective as someone who has closely overseen the last two cohorts of the Addleshaw Goddard Innovation Graduate Scheme. As the firm prepares to welcome a third cohort, she looks back with pride on the team's success in nurturing the graduates over the past few years into confident professionals ready to drive change across the legal sector.

As someone who has closely overseen the Addleshaw Goddard Innovation Graduate Scheme, I have had the privilege of reflecting on the past few years and concluding this insightful series. Over the past weeks, we have seen amazing stories highlighting the experiences and learnings from members of the Innovation Group. As I look back on the journey of the Graduate Scheme, a sense of pride and optimism fills me.

We launched this 2-year programme in 2021 with the mission to grow talent and lead innovation initiatives across the rapidly changing legal industry. The Scheme focuses on equipping graduates with the essential skills required to drive change, from enhancing problem-solving abilities to introducing them to emerging technologies and providing opportunities to work on real-world projects alongside clients.

I still vividly remember first meeting our graduates at the assessment day. Observing their participation in group exercises and listening to them articulate ideas and ambitions during interviews, I could see the raw potentials and hunger to learn. Through comprehensive induction, networking events, career development training, and mentorship initiatives, we have strived to give them the skills, experiences and support needed to build confidence and grow in their roles. The feedback from the graduates themselves has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing how the Scheme has enhanced their abilities and enriched their experiences. I've seen with admiration how these ambitious young people have grown into confident professionals equipped with the abilities to deal with an increasingly complex landscape. It has been incredibly fulfilling to watch them flourish within the Scheme.

Our first cohort has successfully completed the Scheme and transitioned into specialised roles across various areas of the Innovation Group. Our second cohort is currently nearing the end of their two-year journey.

As the first cohort reached the end of the Scheme, we celebrated their achievements during our Innovation Group away day. As they recited the poem they had prepared for the occasion, recounting their memorable moments and learnings over the past two years, tears rolled down my cheeks. It was a familiarly embarrassing feeling - it was like watching my own children perform at their school Christmas play. I felt an overwhelming mix of pride, inspiration, and gratitude for having played a part in nurturing their professional growth. Each word they spoke was a testament to their development, and I couldn't help but be overcome with emotion. It was a moment of reflection, as I realised the impact that the Scheme had on their lives and the role I played in it.

Our effort towards encouraging diversity has helped us to attract bright and unique perspectives. Witnessing how diversity and inclusion are being embedded as core values across our firm and team has been an affirming experience for me personally. We strive to create an inclusive environment that values diversity in all its forms, including background, interests, and skill sets. We understand that having graduates from different backgrounds means we benefit from different perspectives, which enriches our work and helps us to better serve our clients.  As someone who comes from a multicultural background, a Malaysian working in the UK, in an international law firm, it has been particularly fulfilling to see more young professionals from diverse backgrounds now building rewarding careers in legal technology and innovation.

We continuously evolve the Graduate Scheme based on feedback and industry best practices. Our goal is to provide best-in-class quality training coupled with meaningful real-world exposures to prepare the graduates for long-term career success.

It has been incredible to watch this journey unfold. The hard work has paid rich dividends already, but this is only the beginning. As a passionate supporter of talent development and progression opportunities for all, I look forward to taking our Graduate Scheme to even greater levels!

To those looking to make a difference, bring creative ideas to life, and be part of the next wave of legal tech - apply today and let's write the next chapter together! The door is open for curious, ambitious talents from all backgrounds - if you have the drive, we have the opportunities.

To the Point 

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