The Oman Government has recently introduced specialised zones which benefit from certain exemptions and incentives similar to those granted to Oman's free trade zones. 

Pursuant to Royal Decree No. 27/2019, which entered into force on 29 April 2019, the Oman Government has established scholarly zones affiliated to the Scientific Research Council and other specialised zones approved by the Council of Ministers (each a Zone and together the Zones). Establishments, institutions and companies operating in any of these Zones (Zone Entities) benefit from corporate tax exemptions for up to 15 years. Zone Entities are also exempt from the minimum issued share capital requirements in the Oman Commercial Companies Law (18/2019) and the minimum Omani shareholding requirements in the Foreign Capital Investment Law (102/1994). Furthermore, Zone Entities may import and export any goods exempt of tax. Zone Entities also have a usufruct right over the land which they occupy for a 25-year term (renewable for similar subsequent terms).

Zone Entities will benefit from the aforementioned benefits only if they are: (1) registered in the Zone; (2) licensed to carry on an activity approved in the Zone; and (3) carrying on the activities for which such licences were granted within the boundaries of the Zone. 

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Oliver Stevens

Oliver Stevens

Partner, Head of Corporate Middle East

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