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3 November 2016

High Court decides that Government cannot trigger Art. 50 without Parliamentary approval

We look into the outcome of the High Court's decision that Government cannot trigger Art. 50 without Parliamentary approval. Find out what this might mean for Brexit.

27 October 2016

Commercial Contracts - Impact of Brexit

What is the potential impact of Brexit for commercial contracts? This article explores some of the structural challenges and potentially problematic contract clauses. Read more...

26 October 2016

The Brexit jigsaw

We consider the possible outcomes following a soft or a hard Brexit. Find out more in our infographic The Brexit jigsaw.

20 October 2016

The impact of Brexit on the UK energy market

What might happen to the UK energy market when the UK leaves the European Union? Our briefing summarises the current position of the UK within the EU energy market, the options after Brexit and more...

17 October 2016

Brexit: Hedging your bets

Do you have appropriate hedging strategies in place? While the full regulatory and economic impact of Brexit will take some time to play out, it has had an immediate effect on the value of the pound, with increased import costs the most significan...