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Abstract - Wavylines

1 June 2021

Enforcement of Judgements between Ireland and UK - Post Brexit

The UK is one of Ireland’s largest trading partners with Irish exports to Britain totalling €12.4bn in 2020.

City - Real Estate - Brexit

10 May 2021

The European Perspective: Impact of Brexit on Real Estate

The fact that uncertainty around Brexit has not affected the EU in the way it has the UK, and the rollout of COVID-19 vaccination programmes, has caused renewed confidence in the European market. Read more here >

London - Building - Real Estate

10 May 2021

The London Perspective: The Impact of Brexit on UK Real Estate

The Impact of Brexit on UK Real Estate from the perspective of London. Read more here >


23 March 2021

Transfers of personal Data to the UK Post-Brexit - Where are we now?

On 24 December 2020 the UK and EU finally agreed the terms of a Brexit deal which included a temporary arrangement to allow continuing personal data transfers from territories within the EU to the UK.

Data - Wires

8 February 2021

The Service of Legal Documents in the UK (Post Brexit) - What Happens Now?

The United Kingdom’s official departure from the European Union (the “EU”) has had a significant effect on cross border civil and commercial litigation and the service of Irish legal proceedings in the UK.

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