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30 September 2018

'No deal' Brexit: UK government tells companies to draft data transfer contracts in case of a no deal Brexit

In the latest batch of technical notices, the UK government has issued a warning to companies to start drafting standard contractual clauses for data transfers in case it doesn't manage to negotiate exit terms with the EU before March 2019.

21 September 2018

Brexit: What does the MAC report mean for EEA immigration in the UK?

On 18 September 2018, the Migration Avisory Committee (MAC) published its report on the impact of EEA migration in the UK. The report proposes a design for a new immigration system which would be in place after the end of the Brexit implementation...

27 March 2018

Immigration update: a step closer to Brexit

After months of crystal ball gazing as to what any immigration regime will look like for EEA migrants working in the UK post-Brexit, the transition deal agreed in principle by the UK Government and EU leaders has helped to lift some of the fog tha...

5 December 2017

Lending from Europe at risk – are European banks ready for Brexit?

The Bank of England Financial Policy Committee issued a warning at the start of October 2017 that EEA banks are not sufficiently focused on Brexit.

28 March 2017

What happens to employment law after Article 50 is triggered?

Professional support lawyer Amanda Steadman explains how workers' rights could be affected during and after the Brexit process. Read more...

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