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Energy Brexit report

15 June 2016

Energy Brexit report

Our Energy & Utilities team has published a report following an engaging Energy Brexit event. Find out what were the key themes discussed at the event in our report.

9 June 2016

Manufacturing a better future?

Our industrials team looks into the impact a potential Brexit would have on the sector. Discover whether the industrials sector is particularly vulnerable.

9 June 2016

Brexit: The last leg

Our retail and consumer team explore the market anxiety preceding the vote whether the UK should remain in or leave the European Union. Find out how corporates manage the market volatility and uncertainty ahead of the vote.

22 April 2016

Brexit - Privacy Implications

Ahead of the EU referendum, our Data Protection team looks into three key data privacy questions. Read our analysis to find out more about the possible privacy implications.


5 April 2016

In or out?

We have explored how some key areas would specifically impact upon businesses in the retail and consumer sector should the UK leave the EU.

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