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30 June 2016

Brexit: the impact across various legal disciplines

What is the impact of Brexit on other ares of law? We have consolidated into one paper thoughts across various legal disciplines as to the sorts of legal issues your business might face on the UK leaving the EU.

29 June 2016

Brexit: the implications for business immigration

Our Immigration team considers the impact of Brexit on business immigration. What changes are expected and what can employers do to protect themselves now?

29 June 2016

Beware of post-Brexit discrimination and harassment in the workplace

Last week's vote to leave the European Union has sent significant shockwaves across our society. In this article, we consider the immediate risks, and the steps employers should take to prevent tensions spilling over into harassment in the workplace.

28 June 2016

Leave vote: Employment law consequences of Brexit

In this briefing, our Employment Group considers the impact of Brexit on the UK employment law framework.

24 June 2016

Leave vote: Good or Bad news for the UK's Real Estate market?

Our Real Estate team looks into the implications Brexit would have on the Real Estate market and the uncertainty that still remains.