The United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union (EU) on Thurs, 23 June and now Britons, Europeans and Africans must find perspective. This translation of rhetoric to referendum has unravelled the safety blanket of political, economic, social, diplomatic and security body which was the EU, as seen by most Scottish, Northern Irish and London voters.

At this embryonic stage of Britain having filed for divorce, we are in unchartered waters. Neither the pace nor degree of change have been set. In fact, with Prime Minister David Cameron's resignation we cannot yet say who on the UK side will set policy.

Nevertheless, the voice of a slim majority of the British public has spoken and the new world order will force a recalibration of relationships in the shifting sands of global geopolitics. One such set of relationships of extreme importance to Songhai Advisory, is that of Sub Saharan African countries and their engagement with the UK.

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The article was written by Kissy Agyeman-Togobo, Songhai Managing Partner with contributions from the Songhai Team (Nana Adu Ampofo- Managing Partner, Songhai Advisory (UK), Lord-Gustav Togobo, Director of Healthcare and Social Impact (Ghana), Landing Goudiaby, Associate (Senegal), Nadoun Coulibaly, Associate (Burkina Faso), Adedayo Ademuwagun, Analyst (Nigeria) and Interns Emmanuel Danquah, Elsie Taylor-Sampson, Razaq Balogun (Accra), Fatima Tambajang (Accra) and Metolo Foyet (Niger)). Sincere thanks to all who provided their perspectives on the subject matter.