29 May 2024
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"Snowflakes" and "dragons": the challenge of workplace culture in 2024

To The Point
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Employee expectations around workplace culture have changed but not all managers have adapted to provide the required supportive, inclusive and flexible approach.  Employees are increasingly willing to hold employers to account, calling out what they perceive as bullying behaviour.  To attract and retain talent, and to minimise legal and PR risk, we recommend: engaging your Board to drive culture change from the top down; agreeing a crisis management plan; and upskilling all those in management positions to challenge underperformance appropriately. 

Every thriving business knows that attracting and retaining talent is key to commercial success.  But how do you reconcile different perspectives about culture; how do you persuade management from the top down that a more inclusive, flexible and supportive workplace is necessary, with a move away from the traditional carrot and stick?  How do you handle the allegations of bullying that today's more empowered workforce is willing to raise?

The legal and commercial context
Legal risks arising from bullying allegations
How can we help?
Putting in place a crisis plan
Handling performance management

To the Point 

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