Included in this issue of Data & Privacy News: Supreme Court rules Morrisons workers will not receive compensation; Coronavirus presents largest-ever security threat with increased home working and more...

Supreme Court rules Morrisons workers will not receive compensation

The Supreme Court has granted the appeal against Morrisons stating that there is no vicarious liability in this instance. The Supreme Court emphasised that Mr Skelton's deliberate leak of 100,000 Morrisons employee payroll data was not something Mr Skelton had been authorised by Morrisons to do and it was crucial to consider if he was acting on behalf of the business or for personal reasons. The fact that he had this opportunity due to his employment was not considered sufficient in itself to impose vicarious liability. 

Coronavirus presents largest-ever security threat with increased home working

Beazley Breach Response Services has issued a report warning of the heightened risk of cyber attacks due to the shift in individuals working from home during the coronavirus crisis. 

Phishing emails and breaching remote desktop protocols are highlighted as the most common forms of ransomware attacks. 

Jamie Stickland, CEO of an identity authentication software company, has said that remote workers should be careful when resetting passwords whilst working from home; with authentication software delivered remotely been key. 

ICO launch data protection and coronavirus information hub

The ICO has launched a data protection and coronavirus hub to help individuals and organisations during the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic. The hub will be updated with new information as the pandemic continues. 

ICO issues statement in response to mobile phone tracking during coronavirus crisis

The ICO has released a statement in response to the use of mobile phone tracking of data during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The ICO has said that "where this data is properly anonymised and aggregated, it does not fall under data protection law because no individual is identified", as long as safeguards are in place, then privacy laws will not be breached.

The information regulator is continuing to work alongside the government to provide data protection advice during the coronavirus crisis.

UK broadband firms agree to remove data caps during coronavirus crisis

All UK broadband firms have struck a deal with the government to remove data allowance caps during the coronavirus pandemic to ensure all Brits have access to telecom services whilst in lockdown. 

The firms will also offer generous new mobile and landline packages to ensure people remain connected during the crisis and the vulnerable are supported. 

These new measures could allow the government to create heat maps to monitor individuals movements.

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