Collaboration in action

Manchester's unique scientific history and dedication towards industry and innovation made it the perfect home for ESOF 2016 and we are proud to have been a part of this. Based in the heart of Manchester and with our commitment to the city, ESOF provided a fantastic opportunity to help shape conversations on science, health, innovation and technology and the implications these could have on both Manchester's and Europe's future economies.

Our interest in this runs deep, as it does for many of our clients. We managed to build new relationships not only from the global and European scientific community but also met other stakeholders involved with the programme and next generation thinking. Our involvement in the Science to Business aspects of ESOF connected us directly with industry leaders and leading academics, placing us at the centre of the explorations of issues surrounding breakthroughs in science. We were excited to share ideas and look at ways we can improve commercial outcomes from scientific innovations over the coming months, which is at the core of all that we do for our clients.

Ultimately, we help our clients respond to change, anticipate future developments and be ready to maximise opportunities as and when they arise. A real meeting of minds.

Manufacturing business success

As part of ESOF 2016, we hosted a masterclass which gave an insight how to navigate through the complexity of turning an idea into a business success - Manufacturing Business Success.

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