The Litigation Finance Perspectives Series covers a wide spectrum of market themes and predictions.

In this series, some of the leading stakeholders within the litigation finance market share their thoughts on how the market is changing and responding to business needs.

Explore how litigation finance can be used by businesses in today's market and get a first-hand insight how the market is likely to evolve.

Watch the Litigation Finance Perspectives Series

The class action perspective

What does the future hold for class action litigation funding? Watch on as Stephen O'Dowd from Harbour Litigation Funding shares his views on the risk management option transforming the global disputes market.



The predicting litigation outcomes perspective

What are the fundamentals in predicting litigation outcomes? Watch Managing Partner, Robert Rothkopf, as he shares the three techniques used at Balance Legal Capital to help improve litigation forecasting accuracy.



The different model perspective

How can litigation finance clients benefit from using different funding provisions? Ayse Lowe, Vice President at Bench Walk Advisors LLC talks about the emergence of a different funding model on the international stage – portfolio funding. Watch the video to find out how portfolio funding differs from single case funding.



The international perspective

What are the latest changes in litigation finance law across the world? Which jurisdictions have embraced the most recent changes? Charlie Morris, Chief Investment Officer, EMEA & APAC at Woodsford Litigation Funding, paints the international landscape of the litigation finance industry in the video below.



The personal perspective

What skills and knowledge can businesses that use litigation finance benefit from while in a long-term relationship with professional funders? Hear the personal perspective of Paul Martenstyn, Managing Director at Vannin Capital: why he joined a funder, how funders are changing, and his predictions for the market.



The market perspective

What does the litigation finance world look like from a funder's perspective? Nick Moore, Litigation Officer with Therium, shares a funder's insight into the local London market and what the future holds.