There is more than one way to create efficient, flexible and effective legal operating models. Success could come from changing the structure of your legal team or making your existing structure more effective and better utilising the non-legal resources available to you.

The key is to consider how best to respond so that your operating model continues to be structured in a way that meets both the current and future needs of your business.

How can the Client Development Centre (CDC) help?

Flexible resourcing

Clients tell us they require additional temporary resource to deal with discrete projects, add additional expertise for a defined period of time or as cover for a prolonged absence. Our response is an offering that meets clients’ needs by providing high-quality temporary legal resource. The matching process between client and consultant is critical to the success of the placement. We achieve this through the investments we have made as a firm over many years in developing the necessary mindset, processes and approaches for building deep insight into a client’s business. Only by combining this comprehensive understanding can any firm hope to match the right legal resource to each client.

Implementation and change

It’s been said that "implementation is the graveyard of strategy”. All too frequently we see strategies developed by in-house legal functions that, while excellent on paper, never translate into tangible, meaningful outputs. We work alongside general counsel and heads of legal to provide hands-on support in the implementation of strategy. Often this means creating, implementing, monitoring and modifying the structures, processes and procedures within an in-house legal team while ensuring the alignment of the function to the organisation's broader objectives.

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Dr Greg Bott

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London, UK

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