High-performing teams require leaders to deliver improvements at every level, be it faster response times, cheaper production costs, higher customer satisfaction, lower risk, better innovation or more efficient process. All of these and more have a very real place in today’s in-house legal function.

Performance comes from the setting of tasks and standards in line with the goals of the organisation and ensuring they are delivered in an efficient manner.

How can the Client Development Centre (CDC) help?

Legal project management (LPM)

LPM adapts proven techniques to help in-house teams ensure quality, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of delivery, and elevate their status and prominence in their organisation. It can be a crucial component of a corporate legal function's ability to deliver ‘more and better’. We help teams apply just the right level of rigour according to the size, complexity and urgency of the matters they face.


Many general counsel acknowledge that compared to their often under-resourced in-house legal teams, law firms have excellent legal research and know-how resources*. The CDC provides a range of knowledge services which can assist in overcoming this challenge through leveraging existing resources and panel firm relationships. These include audits and advice on legal research and information sourcing, horizon-scanning and current awareness solutions, and bespoke consultancy on know-how approaches.

*Source: Legal Week

Panel management

Every two or three years, most major organisations select their preferred law firms. It is a time-consuming, costly and often cumbersome process. The CDC can provides either an end-to-end panel creation and panel review solution, or discrete advisory services with a focus on delivering the specific aims and objectives of each client. Often the outcome is an improved, streamlined, informed approach that delivers the right mix of advisers and clear, measurable value to the legal team and wider business.

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