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VOLKSWAGEN AG – Modular Electric Vehicle Toolkit (MEB) Supply to Ford

We advised on arrangements to supply Ford with VW’s modular electric vehicles toolkit (MEB). VW has already developed its MEB platform and will commence serial production of VW’s electric vehicles which use the platform in 2020. Over the course of an initial six year period – starting in 2023 – VW will supply this MEB architecture to Ford.

Ford intend to use the MEB platform in more than 600,000 zero-emission electric vehicles during the life of the agreement. This is an incredibly complex matter with multiple levels to it but it is underpinned by the need for Ford to meet its emission targets and move Ford squarely into the EV space on a global scale.

We advised on the negotiation of Phase 1 MEB supply agreement which was signed in July 2019. We are currently advising on the more detailed Phase 2 arrangements. This is being agreed in parallel with an agreement for VW to invest c.$3.1bn in Ford’s Argo AI autonomous vehicle.

MEB is part of the wider alliance between VW and Ford. The wider Project Cyclone alliance will see a number of complete vehicles being supplied by both parties in order to benefit from economies of scale. MEB is unique in that it involves the supply of platform parts, which Ford will assemble and add its own Ford ‘top-hat’.

TRANSPORT FOR GREATER MANCHESTER – Greater Manchester EV Network Procurement

We advised TfGM on the procurement of the expansion of their GMEV (Greater Manchester Electric Vehicle) network.

This procurement sought a strategic partner to develop the publically owned GMEV EV charging network but also provides a platform to the selected bidder for it to develop its own private network on a strategic basis and jointly secure funding for further development.

The approach is a novel one designed to de-risk TfGM’s involvement at the same time as maximising the potential benefit to the strategic partner by providing access to key potential partners in the Manchester region (local authorities, Manchester Airport, large corporate etc) with a need for EV charge points.

This approach is being seen as a blueprint for other procuring authorities who wish to develop an EV charging network efficiently, utilising available funding but in a way that shares risk appropriately with private sector partners whilst safeguarding strategic and other stakeholder interests.

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